Energy and Control    
Build a spectroscope    
Additive colour - interactive Optics
Trace light rays through a lens
Optics for Kids
  Life Systems  


Biology of Plants    
Virtual Microscope 3D plant and animal cells simulation
Biology4kids Biology Basics - NRC Canada
Animal cells clickable image Animal cells part 1
Animal and plant cells Body systems – diagrams
Animal cells part 2 Diffusion and osmosis
Cell biology Schematic and structure of animal cells
Cells, tissues, systems – interactive How to make a wet mount or stain slide
Endocrine system Major body systems
Tour the human body Plant cells and tissues part 2
Life systems Photosynthesis lab
Plant cells and tissues Part 1 Plant cells and tissues
Parts of the microscope Skeletal system
  Matter and Materials    
Density lab online Definition of viscosity
Exploring floating, buoyancy, density Mass, volume, density
Mass and weight - Newton's laws    
  Structures and Mechanisms    
How every day things are made 3D Four-stroke engine simulation
Automobile drive train How gear ratios work
The Science of gears Invention playhouse
Ed head's simple machines How Stuff Works - everything automotive
Amusement Park Physics
  Other Resources    
Designing Environmental Science Projects
Science Fair Central ZeroFootprint Kids Calculator
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