Earth and Space
The Age of Rocks Earthquakes Canada
Shaping the earth Natural Disasters
Volcano World NASA studies the earth
Volcanoes Volcanoes, plate tectonics
3D seismic waves simulator  
Faultline - Seismic activity  
Life Systems
Biomes and Ecosystems Different ecosystems
Coral reef ecosystems Forest fires and ecosystems
Ecosystems, biodiversity How whales can be affected
Wolf populations WWF Canada - endangered species
Pure Substances and Mixtures
The antacid experiment PH: acids and bases experiment
Separating solids experiment Learn all about PH
Mixture basics Pure substances vs mixtures
Molecules on the move experiment All about paper chromatography
Structures and Mechanisms
Building Big Bridges from PBS Design and test a catapult
Bridge design contest Amusement Park Physics
A terrific site all about structures Large structures and building them
Other Resources
Science Fair Central Environmental Science Projects
Earth Hour ZeroFootprint Kids Calculator
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