Conflict and Change    
Chronology of events and leaders - 1837 Towards Confederation
History of the Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad
History Trek - Confederation links    
  New France    
Virtual Museum of New France Take a quiz all about New France
Search for the explorers of New France Maison Saint-Gabriel
Quebec-French-Canadian Genealogy A soldier's account of events
The history of Quebec - Begins with 1660's Facts on Acadian History
History Trek - Acadians links Acadia - lifestyles
  North America    
Life before the war, events leading to... The War of 1812 - links
Extensive site on the War of 1812 The War of 1812 -soldiers letters
  Remembrance Day    
Veterans Affairs Canada - Remembrance Day Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae
World War 1 - CBC Archives History by the Minute - John McCrae
Remembrances - Canada and the Second World War    
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