Aboriginal People
Canada's Native Peoples History of Lacrosse - videos from the CBC archives
Aboriginal place names Aboriginal people and early explorers
Indigenous Games Aboriginal people
Aboriginal Canada Portal How to build a birch bark canoe
Blackfoot history Haida Spirits of the Sea
The Kids's Site of Canada Settlement Learn about totem poles
History Trek - aboriginal links Make a Plains Indian tepee
    Play Concentration with pictures from the R.R. Sallows library of historical photos - Goderich
Ontario photographer
Canada and its Trading Partners
Canadian culture in trade Canada's trade agreements
GeoSpy - Test your geosmarts    
Fur Trade and the Explorers John Cabot
Quest for the NorthWest Passage Samuel de Champlain
Champlain 1607 map The exploration of Canada
History Trek - Explorer links Samuel Champlain
List of explorers - lots of information History of the Fur Trade
Leif Erikson Who wants to be a viking - quiz
The voyages of Captain Cook    
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