Matter and Materials
100 Years of flight History of the helicopter
The principles of aviation Virtual helicopter cockpit
How Does a helicopter Fly? Paper airplanes
Principals of aeronautics Paper airplane instructions
Paper airplanes  
Life Systems
Canadian Animal Fact Sheets Biology of Plants
Biomes and Ecosystems Animal families and classification
Biology4kids Fact sheets - over fifty species
Eco-field guide Facts on animals and their class
Facts on 246 animal species Great site for facts on animals
Great animal site Information on vertebrates
How do animals adapt? EcoKids - Wildlife games/activities
Take the animals groups quiz WWF Canada - endangered species
What tree is it?
Structures and Mechanisms
How force affects people The physics of skateboarding
The Motion Machine Newton's Laws of Motion
Energy and Control
Every kilowatt counts    
Electricity - What is it? What is electricity?
Hog and seek - energy saving game Static electricity
Watered down electricity Sources of electricity
Energy Kid's Pages The whole story on energy
Tell me more about energy EcoKids - Energy quiz
Hydro-electricity - CBC Archives Hogbusters Training Camp
Earth and Space Systems
BBC - Space 3D simulation of eclipses
Astronaut biographies Cosmos4kids
  The Galileo Space Mission Explore the planets
Explore Mars The Genesis Mission
Gravity and how it affects an object's weight Health and living in space
History of food in space travel History of Space Travel
Solar System - images and information The Moon - Phases of
The Solar System Planets and Moons
Solar System Simulator Solar Eclipse - Sunspots, Auroras
Tides - Cycles The Stardust Mission
The Ulysses Mission Tools used in space
Play Space Janitor The Voyageur Space mission
Designing Environmental Science Projects ZeroFootprint Kids Calculator
E-Zone Earth Hour
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